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By Fahad Shah Jaipur, India While India celebrates the 64th year of the implementation of its own constitution, the majority of the people listening to an...

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By Aaqib Javeed n philosophy, reality is the state of things as they actually exist, rather than as they may appear or might be imagined....

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By Fahad Shah The title above, "Harud gov saridd" means Harud fell cold. The on-going extensive debate on the postponement of the proposed literary festival,...

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The Harud- literary festival, which was supposed to begin in September in Kashmir, has been postponed, organisers of the event said in...

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There are not many bookshops in Kashmir, though reading culture has seen surge for last some years.  People of all age groups are getting...

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    By Iymon Ganaie With Basharat Peer’s Curfewed Night, Kashmir’s English writing broke the shell and registered its place on the world literary map. Mirza...

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By Fahad Shah Under the bright ceiling of fluorescent lights in the hall of British Council Library: it was an evening for The Collaborator. A...


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