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Mohammed Safa is the Bangladeshi owner of a vegetarian buffet restaurant in Chapel Market, London which flaunts pro-vegetarianism messages as part of its décor, such as “Carnivorism causes Warfare”. But why promoting vegetarianism? “If you tried opening a vegetarian restaurant in this country 15-20 years earlier, you would have to wrap your business up in a week. There was no concept of vegetarianism back then. However, things have changed now.” As a group of individuals actively campaigning for healthy vegetarian food, the reason behind their choice of food propaganda is two-fold: (1) to promote vegetarianism amongst Muslims (especially Bangladeshis) who

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For obvious reasons freedom of the press in Kashmir is limited and constrained. Military occupation with its attendant curfews, roadblocks, checkpoints, searches, surveillance, wiretapping of calls and emails, and state-sponsored violence from custodial deaths and extrajudicial killings to torture and disappearances, produce immense pain and suffering among Kashmiris. Intimidation and fear are widespread. That is the intent and design and logic of occupation. In such a repressive and oppressive atmosphere people are reluctant to speak freely and provide information to journalists and journalists do not have freedom of movement to report stories. Occupation nourishes and sustains a climate of timidity,