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Four people were killed and 20 injured when a bomb planted on a motorcycle exploded on Sunday in Pakistan’s restive southwestern province of Balochistan, officials said.

According to Pakistani media reports, the bomb attack was carried out in the town of Sibi, about 130 kilometers southeast of the provincial capital, Quetta, on Sunday.

No one has claimed responsibility for the blast, apparently a random act of terrorism meant to cause panic and fear in the area, he added.

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Development is enabling safety and security so that people can go about their in everyday lives. In areas of the world prone to conflict, such as the region of Balochistan, civil violence, terrorism, fragmented systems of power and the reduced capabilities of government authorities such as police or military makes it difficult for outsiders, and particularly Western associated organisations, to operate. Many programs within this region prove to be dismal failures, or perceived by locals as token efforts. Diaspora driven development projects in the region could have a positive impact on development in Balochistan. In this short article I describe