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Unlike last year, the Kashmir Valley did not erupt in protests this year but there have been some killings, fake encounters, custodial killings, “rape”, arrests, amnesty to stone throwers, bars on journalists, beating of journalists, militant attacks, grenade explosions, infiltration bids, assassination, reports on unmarked graves- and yet it seems the Valley is peaceful. Faisal Khan, a photojournalist from Kashmir, comes up with some shots of Kashmir situation. Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) men watch demonstrators (not in picture) during protests in the hot bed, Maisuma, Srinagar on April 29 2011, against the arrest of a local youth by police

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By Fahad Shah Aarif Sheikh is a 24-year-old, working with his own drug stockist agency, who was arrested during a raid in the downtown area of Srinagar. When his brother visited him in the police station he lifted his pants and shows his injured leg. Tears had turned his eyes red, he says to his brother, “Please, for God sake get me out of here. It is so tormenting being in this custody.” Like Aarif, many others have been arrested by the state police in day and night raids around many areas of Kashmir valley. Though this summer in Kashmir