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India’s Irom Sharmila, who has been on a hunger strike for 12 years to protest an Indian law that suspends many human rights protections in areas of conflict, speaks during a press conference, in New Delhi, India, Monday, March 4, 2013. Sharmila who has been force fed through a tube by authorities was charged Monday with attempted suicide in a case likely to bring major attention to her quiet protest in the tiny northeastern state of Manipur against the Armed Forces Special Powers Act. (AP Photo/Tsering Topgyal) Manipur is the land of Khamba Thoibi, Iromba and Thang-Ta. It is arguably,

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Anna Hazare “Anna, Khaana kha lo anna” Here I am, at an Official Anna Hazare campaign. Not really a supporter, im not even sure what this “anna” wants. Ask any DU (Delhi University) student about Anna. It is almost like sarcasm-filled rhetoric. “So, being a young student, what are your thoughts about Anna Hazare and his cause?” “Ummm…I think it’s great we need to get rid of corruption and I think it’s going to awaken a new spirit among all Indians.” Why is there so much fuss about “Anna”? Anna won’t eat, not until the “hand” of the Congress feeds

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By Fahad Shah Indian Supreme Court Lawyer and activist Prashant Bhushan was beaten up today afternoon by a man among three persons who came to his Supreme Court chamber, suspected to belong to a Hindu right-wing group. They roughed him up for his comments of holding plebiscite in Jammu and Kashmir- a disputed part on India and Pakistan border. After the attack, Bhushan said, “They objected to some comments I made on Kashmir. I have said a plebiscite should be held in Kashmir. One of them said I am Sri Ram Sena member. Another attacker, a Sikh man ran away from the

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Sagarika Ghose Interviews Arundhati Roy Ibnlive.in.com Jan Lokpal Bill Is Very Regressive: Arundhati Roy In an exclusive interview, writer Arundhati Roy said there are serious concerns about the Jan Lokpal Bill, corporate funding, NGOs and even the role of the media. Sagarika Ghose: Hello and welcome to the CNN-IBN special. The Anna Hazare anti-corruption movement has thrown up multiple voices. Many have been supportive of the movement, but there have been some who have been sceptical and raised doubts about the movement as well. One of these sceptical voices is writer Arundhati Roy who now joins us. Thanks very much

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By Umar Khalid All historical struggles, whether they occur in the political, religious, philosophical or some other ideological domain, are in fact only the more or less clear expression of the struggles of social classes. – Engels When two events occur in the same space and time, more often than not, there is a correlation between the two. On the one hand the Indian Army, paramilitary and police forces — acting so plainly and clearly on behalf of the Indian ruling classes and multinational corporations—which continue to mount a war on the people of central and eastern India in order