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My love provides this desert with Your lovely hair’s luxuriant shade. Time and gain your memory Knocks wildly at the door of my heart. Who would for ages live alone? — It’s not with that wish we were born. When the wind had idle sport with the lamp, Trembling seized the lights of heaven. Being helpless, for the mind lives close, The heart put a lid on its agony. Hate never will know softened lips; Love is blest with streams of tears. Old goblets are too small for thought — I wish some better form were found, Else I might

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He spoke rather exasperatedly, “This is a matter beyond your understanding. It is too technical for you, surely not as simple as it might appear.” He picked up his packet of cigarettes from his desk. I was rendered speechless. He lighted a cigarette and leaning back spewed out of his mouth a cloud of smoke which thinned away slowly, filling up the room. Purged of its acridity, the smoke now became air, mingled with the air. Breaking my train of thought, he said, “Listen, the body is not important. What matters is the head. What have I to do with

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People no more believe in such things because such things no longer come to pass in their whereabouts. This does not mean that such an incident could never have occurred in Zaji Pathir. Then Zaji pather is very much there for all to see; we can go there even now and witness the remains of the habitation which once it had been, it is at present a meadow where many shepherds dwelling in their hutments, raise flock upon flock. But there was a time when six thousand men and women peopled it and there were five grave yards there to

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Written by Amin Kamil | Translated from Kashmiri by M Siddiq Beig Amin Kamil The moment Ghulam Khan entered the compound, Shah Maal got up with a start. She did not even so much as remember to wash and wrench her ‘pheron’ that had been soiled by eight-month old baby. She seemed as it were have come by a treasure, the way she asked her husband: “You have got it? I was afraid that you might come empty handed even today.” She almost snatched the cock off him and began to fondle its feathers and the comb. “It cost me