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Agha Shahid Ali, around 1998 (Image from the interview for the ‘Poets of New England’ series with William Moebius) By Steffen Horstmann Forever   Do you seek, like Jonah, to be elusive forever– To live like an ascetic, reclusive forever?   You traversed deserts & abide in a mirage, Within the shade of a fig & olive forever.   The temple scribe said you were fated to stray In radiant absence, as wind lisps its narrative forever.   Sand rises around you, a volatile vacuum–O escape To the mind’s habitable star, fugitive forever.   In a vision you emerge from

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Angels by Agha Shahid Ali In this video, poet Kerry O’Keefe gives an exquisite reading of Angels- a ghazal written by Kashmiri-American poet, Agha Shahid Ali. She is reading at Ali’s gravesite, in Northampton, MA. [Uploaded by Walter Skold on Vimeo.]   Snowmen by Agha Shahid Ali This is an animated poem read by Carl Hancock Rux. Part of the Poetry Everywhere series, produced by the Poetry Foundation in association with docUWM at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Animation by Kyle Jenkins. [Uploaded by PoetryFoundation on YouTube] Thumbnail: Screen shot from Dwaipayan Banerjee’s short documentary ‘The Beloved Witness’ on the life