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“Where art thou?” Kashmir needs a Shahid tonight “O, please free her with poesy,” pleads a Shahid tonight A red path marks the entrance to my...

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My ancestor, a man of Himalayan snow, came to Kashmir from Samarkand, carrying a bag of whale bones: heirlooms from sea funerals. His skeleton carved from glaciers, his breath arctic, he froze...

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Jacki Lyden talks with Agha Shahid Ali for NPR, 'All Things Considered' at Izhar Patkin's Studio, 28 July 2001, New York In ‘The Ghat of...

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Palimpsestic Landscapes in Agha Shahid Ali’s 'A Nostalgist’s Map of America' and Michael Ondaatje’s 'The English Patient'

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Do you seek, like Jonah, to be elusive forever-- To live like an ascetic, reclusive forever?

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If There Is a Poet, It Is This, It Is This The passing away of Agha Shahid Ali in 2001 was a collective loss to...

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Angels by Agha Shahid Ali In this video, poet Kerry O'Keefe gives an exquisite reading of Angels- a ghazal written by Kashmiri-American poet, Agha Shahid...

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Tomorrow is December 8, 2012. Eleven years ago on the same day one of the finest English poets, Agha Shahid Ali passed away. Shahid...

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I grew up in Kashmir. It is a place where there are different shades to every little possible thing- such beautiful seasons, tears, laughter,...

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By Ather Zia Our wounds are labeled forgettable, Shahid Our life before death is imperceptible, Shahid Billboards proclaim, Kashmir: A Paradise God has a reason to be chimerical,...


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