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A still from the film Harud               By Fahad Shah “Whatever is going on is not your fault?” tells the father, Yusuf (Reza Naji, Iranian actor) to his son, Rafiq (Shahnawaz Bhat). Harud, means autumn in Kashmiri, is a first of its kind film on Kashmir’s brutal conflict, which has been going on for decades now. The film starts with three friends going to Kupwara, a northern district close to Line-of-control, to cross over to Pakistan-administered Kashmir (PaK) for arms training. One of them is the protagonist, Rafiq. He is a teenager, looks in his early 20s, who has this

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Kashmiri actor-turned-director, Aamir Bashir was born and raised in Kashmir. He says Kahsmiris have been let down by bollywood. A graduate from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi, his father was Chief Justice of Jammu High Court. Harud (autumn in Kashmiri), set in Kashmir, is his debut film as director and the film itself speaks volumes about Kashmir and his talent of filmmaking. He has dedicated the film to his maternal uncle Shamim Ahmed Shamim, who was a Member of Parliament. In this interview to The Kashmir Walla Editor, Fahad Shah, he says his next project is Winter, which is again set