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By Fahad Shah Change is the only constant. The struggle of Kashmir for independence from Indian rule is also changing as people shift their platform for protest as new media are made available. The internet has become the podium for the new generation to express their support. It was not so popular earlier in the valley; today most of the people who don’t come on to the street to protest have taken the protests in everyone’s heart to social networking sites like Facebook and video bank YouTube. The current movement of spontaneous protests in the last two months is led

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By Seema Duhan [O]ver the last 60 days of summers, the time of maximum mobility and economic activities has been sacrificed in the Kashmir Valley to the latest uprising. People poured down on the streets, not just from the areas falling under the 5 Police Stations located in the urban pockets as claimed by a senior Journalist on the basis of his agency sources, rather widespread including many semi-urban and rural centres from all the districts of Kashmir Valley demanding “Go India Go”. These angry people were answering bullets and tear gas shells targeted at them with stones. Men, women,