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By Zahida Parveen East or west home is best. If I will get thousand life times in this world still I will never feel like in my birth place Kashmir anywhere else. If you will ask that how is it to be in Pakistan, being away from my homeland Kashmir? I must say that it’s same as like hell. I often think about myself and try to know where I belong to. What I am doing and how I spend the lonely life here without any relatives. I mean to say no paternal or maternal relations. They all live in

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By Muhammad Owais My cellphone rings consistently at dawn for a wakeup alarm from my Dad. I woke up. I have to go out to offer Fajar (morning) prayers in a local Mosque. Before setting my steps towards prayers, I login to my Facebook account on my cellphone. I have a look to posts of different groups and pages that have been the only source of news in times of this most strict curfew in Kashmir Valley. If I find any killings or critical injuries on Facebook then it’s for sure that last night has not been as good as

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By Seema Duhan [O]ver the last 60 days of summers, the time of maximum mobility and economic activities has been sacrificed in the Kashmir Valley to the latest uprising. People poured down on the streets, not just from the areas falling under the 5 Police Stations located in the urban pockets as claimed by a senior Journalist on the basis of his agency sources, rather widespread including many semi-urban and rural centres from all the districts of Kashmir Valley demanding “Go India Go”. These angry people were answering bullets and tear gas shells targeted at them with stones. Men, women,