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In the Indian-controlled Jammu and Kashmir, despite the fact there is no legal basis and neither the public or religious scholars have elected him, “Grand Mufti” Bashir-ud-Din has been running a self-styled parallel judicial system, calling it the “Supreme Court of Islamic Shariet (Central Dar ul Futwa).” In mid 70s, Bashir-ud-din, with a post graduate degree in Arabic from the Aligarh Muslim University, was appointed “Grand Mufti” by late Bakshi Ghulam Mohammed, the state’s last Prime Minister in 1960 but recently the government mildly denied Bashir-ud-Din having any alliance with the government. For decades he has been giving diktats from

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A Kashmiri boy, studying in class eight, has invented a mathematical formula that enables anyone to solve the Magic Square game. Magic square is a game that is played in mathematics. It is where there is a box and the arrangement of numbers when added up are all the same answer for every column and row. Faizan Ali Mir son of Showkat Ali Mir resident of Chinkral Mohalla Habba Kadal in the summer capital Srinagar, studying at Saint Pauls International Academy was inspired to explore any possible means to get the entries for filling a magic square of any order.