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Kehwa Talk session at Amar Singh College. Photograph by Rising Kashmir The author of “Kashmir Conflict and Muslims of Jammu,” Zafar Choudhary on Friday said that Jammu and Kashmir could not have been part of India without Sheikh Abdullah’s consent. The author was speaking during a session of Kehwa Talk – organized by Centre for Research and Development Policy( CRDP) in collaboration with the Amar Singh College Srinagar. Choudhary also said that the state of Jammu and Kashmir is in constant state of conflict. “Despite large scale killings of Muslims in Jammu region in 1947. The 1965 war created more divides

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MUNNU, the graphic novel published by 4th Estate this month, is the astonishing debut from Kashmir based illustrator Malik Sajad.  We asked Malik about the concept of the novel; where did the idea come from? Why a graphic novel? What is it about the Kashmir’s torrid conflict you wanted to explore? I came to know about this medium around 9 years ago. There were no graphic novels in the bookstores in Kashmir. Initially, I thought it was about visual journalism because whatever graphic novels I had seen were mostly about reporting which I didn’t enjoy and wasn’t particularly good at. 

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By Atul K Thakur Book Review In the company of a poet by Nasreen Munni Kabir, Rainlight/Rupa, 206 pp; Rs495 (Hardback) (Non-fiction) This conversation book covers the work and life of Gulzar in high articulation. Nasreen Munni Kabir, w ho is known for her authentic knowledge on cinema has made another remarkable mark by infusing biographical element in a long interview with a timeless phenomenon-Gulzar. The best sense her conversation with Gulzar offers in not making this poet turned lyricist, a geographical indication-rather, he has presented here as someone who carries and express the steam made out of feelings. Gathering

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By Fahad Shah New Delhi, India: There is no dearth of books on India’s capital city. Still some corners of this city have fountain of untold stories. Nobody Can Love You More: Life in Red Light District is the first book on Delhi’s red light area, GB Road, authored by journalist and blogger, Mayank Austen Soofi. Austen is famous for his blog The Delhi Walla and the four guidebooks on Delhi published by HarperCollins India in 2010. Once a hotel steward, his first non-fiction book, Nobody Can Love You More has been published by Penguin India this year. During Mughals,