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Suchitra Vijayan is a writer, lawyer and a political theorist. She studied Law, Political Science and International relations, and was trained as a Barrister-at-Law. She previously worked for the UN war crimes tribunal for Yugoslavia and Rwanda. She co-founded and was the Legal Director of Resettlement Legal Aid Project, Cairo that gives legal aid for Iraqi Refugees. As a graduate student at Yale, she spent two years researching and documenting stories along the contentious Durand Line. She was embedded with the ISAF forces – 172 infantry brigade, in Paktika Province, Afghanistan conducting research on key kinetic terrains in the Afghanistan-Pakistan

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Table of contents Features John Pilger: Kashmir is a critical issue for all of us By Fahad Shah A bookshop of 1890s By Wasaf Jeelani Dispatches Kashmir: Twenty years after By Andrew Whitehead From ‘Je suis Charlie’ to ‘Je ne suis pas Charlie’ By Raphael Godechot Comment Pak-China Economic Corridor and Gilgit Baltistan By Azhar Mushtaq How I ended up into Jama’at-e-Islami? By S Aamir Business Girls at work By Nida Rehman Photography Srinagar’s floating vegetable market By Shahid Tantray Essays Disputing the Kashmir dispute By Simone Mestroni My story Visiting Kashmir changed my perception By Rajendra Tiwari Review ‘The

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Days after the Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Syeed stated that All India Institute Medical Science (AIIMS) will go to Kashmir, Bharitya Janta Party Sunday said prestigious institute will also be sanctioned for Jammu. “We have taken the issue with the BJP high command. We have appraised the central leadership regarding hopes of the people of Jammu from the central government. I can tell you that next year AIIMS will also be constructed in Jammu,” BJP leader and speaker, Legislative Assembly, Kavinder Gupta said. However, he did not own the Chief Minister’s announcement that the AIIMS would be set up in

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An Egyptian court on Saturday sentenced ousted president Mohamed Morsi to death over mass jailbreak in 2011, Associated Press reported. The case will now be referred to the country’s top religious authority for consultation on June 2 before an execution can take place. Morsi is already serving a 20 year sentence for ordering the arrest and torture of protesters during his time in power, during June 2012 to July 2013. He was overthrown in a popularly-backed military coup in July 2013, after a disastrous year in office. Since then, the authorities cracked down on Muslim Brotherhood movement and arrested thousands of his supporters.

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  1. The Economist Magazine publishes a map In 2011, The Economist magazine showed a map of Kashmir in its cover story “The world’s most dangerous border” that resulted in the magazine copies being seized by India. The magazine accused India of hostile censorship when the Indian customs officers ordered that 28,000 copies of the news weekly should have stickers manually placed over a diagram showing Kashmir split between India, Pakistan and China. The Economist editor-in chief, John Micklethwait responded: “India is meant to be a democracy that approves of freedom of speech. But they take a much more hostile

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Earlier this month, Microsoft introduced site at the company’s annual Build Developer Conference. The site takes data from an uploaded image to determine the subject’s age and gender. Soon after the launch of the site it became an internet sensation. Within hours, thousands of people thronged the site curious to know whether a simple Internet site could accurately read their face and tell their age. So we decided to test the software with some known faces of Kashmir’s politics. Here is what we found: