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Shahmali Begum : Mother of Maqbool Butt. From the series- “Revolution: Still in Labour Pain.” Acrylics on Canvas 30″ x 24″ Using portrait as a medium I am trying to re-discover mothers who gave birth to revolutionaries. Women – less celebrated, less remembered – who have been the backbone of movements that uphold human values and reject unjust occupations. We celebrate the heroes and celebrate their death as a symbol of our victory and continuation of a fight for truth, but we fail to celebrate the decay of these Mothers. What better place to start other than home – Kashmir.

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One of the artworks by Syed Mujtaba Rizvi. Title: “There is no flag large enough to hide the shame…” – Mixed Media and objects on canvas. [40″ x 30″] (Title is a part of a quote by Howard Zinn)After my birth in Kashmir, my family moved to Iran. We returned when I was five years old.¬†From my faint memories and from what my mother tells me, it was a strict curfew day. Shoot at sight orders had been enforced. I was too little to understand all this, but I do remember walking outside the somewhat desolated airport road towards the