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Concertina wire is the most widespread form of vegetation in Kashmir today. It grows everywhere, including in the mind.[1]   Of Gardens and Graves: by Suvir Kaul; Photographs: Javed Dar, Three Essays Collective, 243 pages, Rs. 500. Much of the extraordinary violence that Kashmir has seen over the last two decades and more has been documented by Kashmiri and international human rights groups, civil society activists and journalists. However the effect such long-term violence has had in the forging of political subjectivities has not become central to scholarship on contemporary Kashmir. That Kashmir has become a conflict zone, with periods

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This is edited transcript of an interview with Agha Shahid Ali by Suvir Kaul, recorded at the Mass Communications Research Center, Jamia Milia Islamia, New Delhi in August 1997.  Suvir Kaul           Would you like to talk about your professional life in the US? What encourages you to keep writing? Agha Shahid Ali          I am a Professor of English and a creative writer at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and I am Director of the Program in Creative Writing there. These institutions support writers. They reward you for publishing what you would be publishing anyway. Kaul             In one