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I didn’t go to school today. My uncle says I am happy being home. Father, too, thinks I am happy. But I am sad and mother knows it. I didn’t tell her. She looks at me and smiles a little bit and then looks at my face as if looking for something.  She knows I don’t cry in the day, in public; but when I go to bed, she gently rubs the tears off my eyes. She says everything will be alright, she repeats each night. And I feel better when she says this- I feel warm sunlight on my

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By Suhail Akram He had even engraved her name on his wrist.  There was a gossip that he is mad about this tall girl from his neighbourhood, but no one thought that he would go to the extent of poisoning himself of some medical drug overdose. I had seen this girl hop around my Grandma’s place quite a number of times. That was my Cousin Gulzar, in some distant chapter of his secret life. I was introduced early to the world of private tuition by him.  I have a faint memory of that day when I accompanied him, a group