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I apologize in advance for what seems like a rather pompous title to this essay. I mean, who the hell am I to be suggesting anything to anybody? Fair enough. I am nobody. Nevertheless, if you’re a person who values a diversity of opinions, I daresay mine is as good as anyone else’s. And I’m of the firm opinion that all Indians should support Kashmiri liberation. Please allow me to elaborate. I have, in the recent past, come out into the open as an Indian who is in solidarity with Kashmiri liberation. I don’t know just how big of a

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Time: February 2014 Place: Dal Lake, Srinagar (state capital of India-Occupied Kashmir) Through a combination of political solidarity and the ever-unquenchable search for beauty in the world, I find myself penning this brief stream of consciousness from a house-boat in the middle of Dal Lake. A few hours back the sun rose, to my left, from behind the mighty snow-kissed peaks of the Himalayas, almost as if it was acknowledging, with its own radiance, that most glorious of mountain ranges. It glowed a brilliant orange as it receded into the waters to my right. I am starting to feel the