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  The well-being of a state depends on two principle factors: representative voice and accountability. According to the World Bank’s annual World Development Report (2004), accountability has five features: delegation, finance, information, performance, and enforceability. Weakness in any one of these can open the door for bad governance. Citizens of a state face many problems: hospitals without doctors, schools without teachers, dry taps, unlit houses, and above all, the sense of powerlessness in the face of the state. When politicians are unaccountable, their connection with their constituents breaks down, and they can get away with delivering inadequate services. In the

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Modern economic growth means more than increases in per capita output and rise in total factor productivity. As the per capita income increases the structural transformation in terms of employment and output of the economy changes. The best known structural shift is the decline in the number of people working in the agriculture and its allied sectors and rise in their number in industry and the service sector. One clear pattern of changing economic structure in the course of economic development is that as the per capita income raises the share of industry in gross national product rises. It is

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A laborer carries a box of apples at a wholesale market in Jammu, India, Wednesday, Sept. 29, 2010. Since June, Kashmir has been rocked by violent anti-government protests and the subsequent crackdowns by security forces that have killed several people. The conflict has disrupted all aspects of life, businesses have lost millions of dollars and the fruit industry is one of the sectors which has suffered losses. (AP Photo/Channi Anand) By Showkat Anwar Bhat [A] wave of optimism has swept across the economic development of our state.  In the past thirty years, absolute poverty has descended substantially, almost entirely due