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Being attached with the areas of migration and having material political and cultural links with the areas of origin are common amongst migrants – diaspora communities settled in faraway lands. Kashmiris are no exception. There are Kashmiris from different parts of the divided state settled in many countries around the world. This is about the Kashmiris from what is officially called Azad Jammu and Kashmir and their activism around the elections in Azad Kashmir. Migration from Azad Kashmir to Britain was initiated in the last years of the nineteenth century when most of the world including what is to day India,

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President of Jammu Kashmir Peoples Party Sardar Khalid Ibrahim Khan. I will prefer to be a Pakistani Identity card holder than to be a voter of Azad Kashmir. I am Pakistani first then Kashmiri and my vote application cannot be rejected on the basis that Pakistani Identity card is a Pakistani document. This is my translation of headlines of an Azad Jammu and Kashmir (as it is known officially) newspaper ‘Sada e Chinar’ from the reporting of a press conference by Sardar Khalid Ibrahim, the head of Jammu Kashmir Peoples Party (JKPP). One of the senior most AJK leader called

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When I got the news and saw images of Amanullah Khan’s hospitalisation on facebook I felt the urge to write something about him. As I have been part of the Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front for couple of years in Britain and worked under his leadership and he dominated the Independent Kashmir politics for six decades. Unfortunately for me writing about Amanullah Khan does not seem as straightforward as has been about Maqbool Bhat. Perhaps it is due to my writing limitations or may be because Amanullah Khan’s politics has not been as straightforward as of Maqbool Bhat. It took me

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Sixteen books on various aspects of Kashmir have been banned by the government of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) including my booklet ‘Maqbool Bhat: Life and Struggle’. My initial reaction to the news was a kind of amusement as all of my articles included in the booklet are freely available online. However, after reading the text of notification closely the amusement gave way to some serious questions about the reason for the ban and the nature of relationship between ‘azad’ Kashmir and Pakistan. The fact that the notification is also copied to the sub commander of the Intelligence Services of

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Hari Singh Eighty six years after an instant love affair blossomed at Tosamaidan in Kashmir between the Kishtawari royal beauty “Jani” and British Colonel Thorpe leading to the first British Kashmiri transnational marriage, a member of Kashmiri royalty falls in love with a British girl  but with entirely different consequences. The story is referred to briefly by Lord Birdwood and Youssef Saraf in the “Two Nation Theory and Kashmir” and “Kashmiris Fight for Freedom.” However, it is reproduced here with reference to an article by Anne de Courcy in the Daily Mail, a British tabloid, on January 10, 2002. It was

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Line of Control, dividing the state of Jammu and Kashmir into two parts, between India and Pakistan. National census is accepted as the most authentic source of statistical information about the population of a country. However, it is not possible to trace accurate figures of Kashmiris in Britain as they are not recognised in the British ethnic monitoring system including census as a distinct ethnic category. Instead they are counted as Pakistanis if originating from the Pakistani occupied ‘Azad’ Jammu and Kashmir (AJ&K) and Indian if originate from the Indian occupied ‘Jammu and Kashmir’ (J&K).  Therefore, we have to rely