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Abdul Sattar Ranjoor was a beloved poet, an honest politician and a fearless revolutionary. He was also my Dadaji (grandfather). His integrity and intelligence commanded the respect of Kashmiris, especially peasants and workers, whose interests he championed through his poetry and politics. When he spoke, people listened, even those higher up in society. Time and time again, he used his influence to bring solace to the downtrodden. He opened his heart and his home to the people of Kashmir. His residence was an open courthouse; when people couldn’t acquire justice in actual courts they would come to him. He would

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Kashmiri resistance leader and Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front ( JKLF) Chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik at Kheer Bhawani temple in Kashmir, during a Hindu festival in June. He has been appealing to Kashmiri pandits to return to their homes. Kashmiriyat is a Muslim family breaking their fast in a Hindu home, in a housing colony on the outskirts of Haal near Shopian in South Kashmir. The date is Saturday, 5 July 2014. The host, Meenakshi Mattoo, hands out dates to her Muslim guests. This kind of camaraderie used to be a common tradition before the large-scale migration of the Kashmiri

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Kashmir is the beauty of Dal Lake at sunset: the friendly shikarawalas, the mesmerized tourists and the houseboats with cheesy names. It is children slurping away at their softies. It is a family sitting around a trami, eating wazwan. It is picnics at Pahalgam, towering mountains and the sound of gushing streams. It is nomads herding their sheep. It is bakarkhanis, samovars and noon chai. It is golden leaves on chinar trees. It is Muslims and Hindus praying side by side at the Baba Reshi shrine. It is paradise on earth. Not only this, though. Kashmir is also barbed wire,

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Renowned academic Prof. Mridu Rai on Saturday reiterated her resolve to pursue her campaign for civil liberties in Kashmir, unmindful of restrictions placed by the Jammu and Kashmir government. The state government today banned Rai from delivering the Pt. Rughonath Vaishnavi Annual Talk, organized by the well-known human rights body, Jammu and Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society (JKCCS). According to the Hindustan Times (HT) the ban was imposed by invoking Section 144, which bans the assembly of more than four people. “This is appalling that my voice was silenced along side with other speakers. It’s ludicrous. An academic lecture does

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“Social activism is one part of the process but it’s a much deeper process.” Students from the four cities – Srinagar, Delhi, Bombay and Kerala today united to protest against the sexual violence and in particular, what they say are lapses in the Jammu and Kashmir Health Department molestation case. These four protests were spearheaded by the Jawaharlal Nehru University Students Union (JNUSU), Islamic University of Science and Technology Students Union (IUSTSU), United Nurses Association (Kerala) and the All India Progressive Women’s Association (AIPWA). The scorching heat did little to deter Kashmiri activists from sitting-in with placards at the Pratap