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[T]he Global Buddhist Congregation was held on November 27, 2011 in New Delhi to celebrate the 2600th year of Sambodhiprapti, the Enlightenment of Buddha. Religious, Spiritual and World leaders as well as eight hundred scholars, delegates and observers from thirty-two countries attended the congregation. As a member of a team of official photographers, I had opportunity to click the shots, focusing on people involved in an activity other than the congregational activities, which made those heavy moods lighter and fun. The congregation was organized to discuss about fading cultures, about religion which has been modified and adapted itself with the changing

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Reflecting the innermost sorrows, the peripheral joys, the morbid isolation and the despondent alienation of a life which yearns for nothing more than a moment of unconditional love. These moments below instigate us to contemplate whether the race for living life has subjugated the worth of life itself. Whether accomplishment has coerced compassion, an emotion which forms the fundamental, most defining value of the existence of man, to take a back seat in this journey. Let us take you on a sojourn to the different hues and shades of this plethora of emotions which rekindles that corner of your heart