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Independent Kashmir flags at a public rally in Dailgam, South Kashmir on August 12, 2016. Photograph by Fahad Shah. The entire South Asia has been shadowed by the staggering apprehension of security concerns, cross-border conflicts and poor connectivity. The insubstantial situation of the one of the densely populated region in the world has made it one of the least integrated in the world besides having common bonds across the international borders. India and Pakistan being two nuclear rivals and key states of the region have always been on forefronts since their creation in 1947. Religion has always been a dominant

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People in Pakistani-administered Kashmir or Azad Jammu and Kashmir are going to elect 41 Legislative Assembly members on 21 July 2016 and these lawmakers in turn would vote for the speaker, deputy speaker and Prime Minister. There is a lot of enthusiasm among the political parties both regional and collateral branches of Pakistani political parties, the contenders and their pledged voters. Huge public rallies, inauguration ceremonies for developmental projects, promises and pledges for next five years and above all slogans to liberate Indian held Jammu Kashmir in these public meetings and rallies are echoing aloud. The nomenclature of Azad (Free)