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The wooden shrine, dedicated to 11th-century Sufi saint Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jeelani, in flames, last month. You wake up to hear the noise on Twitter that a historical place, an eyewitness, an era in itself is burning. With all its might and all its fury, the grand structure raised in tribute of Sheikh Syed Abdul Qadir Jeelani, also known as Dastgeer Sahab in Kashmir was turning into ashes. The pictures people were uploading on Facebook and Twitter of the blazes in Dastgeer Sahab shrine were heart-breaking.  It was highly disturbing to see a more than 200-year-old shrine turning into black

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By Muhammad Faysal It was a beautiful day- Sunday. Everything looks magical in the spring of Kashmir. The winter has left for the arrival of spring. The mountains are gleaming like the newly wed bride. The lakes are sparkling like diamonds during the morning sunlight. The grass with the hint of green looks soothing to the eyes with the morning dew. After a week with the same old political rhetoric and new schemes invented by the King of Gupkar, the occasional skeletons stepping out of the closet (like mummies). The stories of corruption and scams on the newspapers is such

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It was a last stark reminder of the fact that in India wherever a Kashmiri is he is a ‘suspicious’ person. It shows that we will be discriminated and targeted till the day the Indians (troops) are on our soil or we are on theirs. You know at every step in Kashmir we are beleaguered, how we are stopped on any pretext. They have fun and we suffer, suffer the fact of being in the shackles of tyranny and slavery. I remember the day when I had to board a flight to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on April 25, 2011. I

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By Muhammad Faysal “Nations survive because of that (strong) spirit, that abiding passion for liberty, which according to our Holy Prophet (pbuh), “emboldens one to recite the Kalima-e-Tawheed (the call for truth) before a tyrant, and that too with the conviction that this is the greatest Jihad”.  —Maqbool Butt Of all the heroes in Kashmir’s struggle for freedom, Maqbool Butt stands out.  From a Village in Trehgam to the Jails of Lahore and Tihar, He was the first Kashmiri to be jailed in both India and Pakistan.  He chose to be uncompromising on his principle of Independence of Kashmir on

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Snow in Kashmir famous hill station, Gulmarg. It has started snowing in the beautiful valleys of Kashmir.  In Srinagar, the capital, people must have been joyous of the breaking of cold. The old people would be talking of how the snow has almost vanished from Kashmir. They say it used to snow up to shoulder’s height during Dogra rule and subsequently it started dwindling. They cherish their old memories on the wani peanjis, (shopfronts) (the greatest talk shows are held there). The mothers would be happy for they have not to clean the streets because there is a beautiful white

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Women protesting during 2010 mass uprising. Kashmir’s women have been called the steel magnolias, the bravest in the world. Brave for having taken every suffering, endured pain and stood up in the height of odds. They have tolerated being widowed, left with no son, ravaged off their chastity and left alone in conditions, which are unbearable for others. But what have we done for them? Apart from mentioning them in the rhetorical talks of their sufferings and praising them with beautiful sobriquets and then “the world moves on”. Once I was travelling from Lal Chowk to home in my car.