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By Mohammad Tabish Once again night falls I haven’t slept for decades Don’t call it a nightmare I am already dead The stones I throw used to be my home once This hunger is no humor I have taken abode amidst yellow stones My voice froze trying to reach you No archangel fell to witness the holy in me I am no son of Abraham I am nothing but a slaughtered sheep This ought to be a sin I have no name Am I a bleeding prisoner beyond the interrogation gates Or a withered odorless flower? I am no more

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By Mohammad Tabish Who knows hither i cry, In remembrance; A remnant demesne in my memory caught. Laila bawls for Majnoon. Majnoon: chain cloaked, People summoned flower stones. Among the many I hear many say of Majnoon; turned mad. The only postman dies, Nights falls on me; I am left blind. Doors latch, Laila confined. Valiant she floods the world, Blood kissed the knife. Her skin melts, wounds occupy; Then deserts’ soak Majnoon bleeds. The lakes dry, it pours; The water salt. Laila dies, An evening cursed. Dusk apprises Majnoon. Like a phoenix, he cinders; His ash desert sand. Yesterday