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An island of a man Damn he’s cursed Notice the palms of his hands Damn he’s hurt Focus on this man With the color of dirt Sketched in with coal So his skin is scarred with the color of earth Green and vermillion blue A tinge of red and the rest is black hue So from the blackness flew a winged creature With features skewed Screaming a pitched howl with more sadness than most knew If you only knew. * Kosal Khiev Kosal Khiev is a poet, tattoo artist, and survivor of the US prison system. Born in a Thai

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My heart cried after mass collided with mass.. The blast deafening.. What’s left is flesh turned to ash.. Our own reckoning.. When can we scream at last at last! But the wars never cease to be ending.. In streets and blocks.. In countries in locks.. In mass and mosques.. In masks.. beneath the cloth.. For causes forgotten long before we ever remembered if we ever had cause.. So this is a cry to the forgotten and lost.. For the ones rotten and gone.. buried beneath stone and rubble.. Where gun powder meets metal.. Where the power of the sun is