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People would call me Jan Soab, they still do, but with some suffixes added like Janti or Janatgaar. I left my body last Saturday. Since people believe that time heals everything, my last night in this odd world passed in a hospital where I was kept till morning to subside the grief the news of my sudden death would bring to my closed ones. Since Sunday, I am in the womb of earth.  Being dead does not hurt but dying did. On Saturday late afternoon, when my bike collided with a passenger van due to my unskilled riding and God’s

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Through the alleys of the giant library, walled with rags and book volumes, I was walking. Fragrance of old paper was inspiring me to continue my journey. On my both sides, there were books. Books with hardbound cover, which occupied major shelves, and books with paper back. My eyes were swirling from left to right to copy everything they could catch when a book of quotations caught my sight. I commenced to read some from the book. I found a quote of Osho but when I was about to finish a voice disconcerted me. I finished the quote and was