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  Two Palestinian youngsters look through the rubble of their destroyed house after an Israeli air strike in Beit Lahiya in the northern Gaza strip Photo: EPA/Mohammed Saber By J. Irshad For Gaza, Kashmir, Burma, Iraq, Afghanistan. For Muslims. For Islam. Body parts shake. It is not just the soul that is speckled and spotted with tiny, finite grains of anguish ripped open by bullets tearing through layers of protection and hope. It is not just the mind that slowly changes. metamorphoses Seeping dark poison, the color of a thousand dreams broken into tiny shards of glass Spread in every

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By J Irshad India may boast of its status as the “most populous democratic republic in the world”, but the country has never known freedom. The people of India may have achieved independence, but to this day they remain bound, shackled and enslaved. Thousands of people across the country – and world – proudly raise the tricolor, sing themselves hoarse of Jana Gana Mana and raise hollow cries of Jai Hind. I ask then: what are you saluting, O Indian citizen? Do you raise your hands in salutation for the thousands India has mercilessly tortured and killed in Kashmir? Does

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The Jhelum snakes its way. Silent, silent, ever so silent, through a city cold and beautiful- so red, so red, ever so red.   A city so red from the blood of kin. A city so red from the anger within. A city so red from the love in hearts. A city so red from hearts torn apart.   The Jhelum snakes it way. Quiet, quiet, ever so quiet. So many secrets to keep, so harsh, so harsh, ever so harsh.   A secret so harsh– there are bodies in my heart. A secret so harsh– dead, unknown, none to