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    By Iymon Ganaie Latest books on Kashmir at Password bookshop. With Basharat Peer’s Curfewed Night, Kashmir’s English writing broke the shell and registered its place on the world literary map. Mirza Waheed’s The Collaborator and the Anthology edited by Sanjay Kak, Until my freedom has come: the new intifada in Kashmir followed. Many young writers began to speak their hearts out through their writing. Reading equally gained momentum.  In Srinagar, enthusiastic readers thronged bookshops. The Kashmir Walla decided to find out if the same enthusiasm is found in north Kashmir. A survey was conducted in the students from this

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By Iymon Ganaie A busy market place shields the green fenced graveyard at the town center. Shopping complexes shadow it. The entrance to the graveyard is closed, as if it has been never opened. Over the main entrance gate a hoarding announces, “Graveyard for the martyrs of 1931”. Inside, the gravestones are not visible.  They are covered with thick bushes and shrubs. There are six graves in the graveyard. Imtiyaz Ahmad who runs a bookstore next to the graveyard says that the busy market has shadowed the importance of the graveyard. “Sometimes, it becomes difficult to even figure out the

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By Iymon Ganaie Manzoor Ahmad talking about stone throwing. (Photo taken by cellphone camera) In the battlefield; guns, bullets, teargas shells, lathis, bricks and stones are the common weapons. Stone is Manzoor’s only weapon in this battle, played on the streets and highways of Kashmir. “Either you hit or you miss. There is no in between,” Manzoor says of the stones he throws. Winters often put rest the high volatility of summers in Kashmir. No stone throwing. No freedom protests. No freedom marches. No frequent killings. No Chalos. It looks as if winter chills everything. But the same is not

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By Iymon Ganaie Documentary films do often bring an agitation after which it is apt to shed tears. Agitation, which must be perceived as the out coming of human barbarism. Taxi To The Dark Side written and directed by Alex Gibney is one of the films, which shows the true face of human barbarism. After watching the film, I remembered German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche who once said, “He who fights monsters must take care lest he become a monster.” After 9/11, United States and its allies declared a “war on terror”. It was more than a war – it was

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By Iymon Ganaie With every film that the brand name ‘Aamir Khan Productions’ brings on the 72 mm screen, the audience is amused. Much same can be said about Dhobi Ghat. It is poetic with a subtle and enchanting background score. Director Kiran Rao’s debut venture is fresh with some resemblances with the parallel cinema, though it can’t be moved into the category of art films. Dhobi ghat offers a lot. Casual sex is cool. Acting aspirations and washing clothes go hand in hand. Letters are sent in a video format. Painting is done in a crowded locality, which is

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  By Iymon Ganaie On Sunday morning, I started reading Mirza Waheed’s debut novel The Collaborator. The novel is a poignant, moving tale of love and betrayal, brutality and violence in the backdrop of Kashmir conflict. Set in early nineties, it shows the inhumane face of the on-going battle in its initial days. Born in that period I have heard many stories. It was second time that I was reading about those turbulent times again. The reading presented an almost exact picture of the time in which I was born. The narrative of novel is gripping so it was obvious