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Siddhartha Gigoo, author of The Garden of Solitude. What made Pandits of Kashmir to migrate? What made them to live as migrants in the land which was alien to them, where the conditions were totally different to what they had in Kashmir. What made them to think that they are not the part of this community anymore? What made them to think that they do not belong to this ‘Reshi’Vaer’ anymore? Siddhartha Gigoo, who was born in Kashmir and left the valley in 1990, in his debut novel ‘The Garden Of Solitude’ has tried to answer these questions.  These questions

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By Irfan Tramboo [I]f we delve deep into our minds, many of us amongst the youth will wholeheartedly agree that our desire to attain knowledge, whether general or technical is for the sole and selfish purpose of our personal growth. The need to be the best in any particular field is felt mostly because we want to earn money or possess power. Most of us never use our skills and professional techniques to serve humanity. Instead of channeling our potential in a way that would serve humanity, we convince ourselves that all can be done if we have the money