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Every year thousands of workers from various states of India, mostly Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, come to Kashmir for work. They work as barbers, carpenters, masons, embroidery workers, or in several other skilled fields. Bricks are made in Kashmir, in the outskirts of the capital city Srinagar, where both local and non-local workers do the job together. The brick industry is generally confined to rural and semi-urban areas and generates employment. In Kashmir, the laborers usually work in hard conditions for 12-14 hours a day to reach a target of 1,000 to 1,200 bricks each day, earning between $100 to

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When the devastating floods hit Kashmir region earlier last month, most of the journalists were either stuck at their houses or offices. No one could go out when even the Srinagar city was submerged. But as one could go out later with some kind of small help to float over floodwaters, journalists too went out to – report and rescue people. One of the photojournalists died while he was out clicking pictures of the floods. In this whole time, a Kashmiri journalist, Imran Shah, was covering floods with his camera for the channel he works at. Along with that he

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  Six family members of Sikh families were cremated today in Rangreth area of Srinagar. The family was living in a rented house in Jawahar Nagar, the area which was massively affected due to floods in Kashmir. One of the family members says there were 25 people living in the building, and despite asking for help no one arrived. “We couldn’t have even got the bodies. It is only because of the local rescuers that we were able to get the bodies,” said Balwinder Singh, from Amritsar. “At least 11 bodies are there. They have to be cremated too.”  

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Every year hundreds of thousands of pilgrims from across India visit to the Amarnath Cave Shrine, to pay homage to the Hindu god, Lord Shiva, situated in the Kashmir valley at 1400 feet above sea level. Last year, around 400 thousand pilgrims visited the shrine last year. The last year devastation caused by rains and flash floods in northern state of Uttrakhand has brought it in sharp focus as the environmentalists fear that the increased flow of pilgrims to the ecologically fragile areas could spell doom for the environment and could lead to devastation. Tones of solid waste, left overs