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Maqbool Butt’s mother (extreme right) and other women during the third day of the court arrest movement against the Indian government for jailing Kashmiris, started by the Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) party- headed by Yasin Malik. By Ibreez Ajaz The industry in Kashmir is booming. Sales have thrived for one sector in particular – cloth. More specifically, cotton. Cotton for wounds, cotton for kahfans, and cotton for handkerchiefs. Cotton for the factories, for textiles – millions of cogs turning in rhythm to gunfire, increasing proportionately with each blast. The looms creak to the beat of every fist pounded against

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It used to be that whenever someone would ask me where I was from, I’d tell Kashmir. Depending on the listening party, there was a good likelihood of my enduring flak over the admittance. And then the political conversations that came as added baggage. Hardly something I enjoyed dealing with upon every introduction. It’s much easier to simply cop out and say ‘Texas’ than to get pulled into a mire of endless debating and arguing. Frankly, I no longer care. It makes no difference to me the various argument put up by opposing parties. What’s the point? By taking out

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By Ibreez Ajaz [I]rritating! Disgusting! Cheap! Whenever my friends and I come across a situation that fits these words, the three of us sequentially pronounce them one after the other. I have found no affair more fitting these adjectives than the ongoing mess in Kashmir. Irritating- People fight amongst themselves over trivial matters and call it politics. Disgusting- Our politicians lie to us year after year. Cheap- The masses grovel at the feet of aforementioned politicians anyway. We are no better, we who allow it to continue – the sole reason being our own lack of education, the ever-growing apathy

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       By Ibreez Ajaz [T]his year marked a turning point in many Arab nations. Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Oman- all were in the throes of revolt and rebellion. Masses united under one banner of resistance: “Ash-shab yurid isqat an-nizam” (the people want to bring down the regime). And so they did. They fought, protested, and lit up the night skies. They took pictures, shot videos, shared stories across the web. They took their destinies into their hands, pushed passed social barriers and religious divisions, and prevailed. As for our end…what exactly are we doing? Shut downs are per the whims