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By Huzaifa Pandit Zindagi jabr-e-musalsal ki tarah kaati hai Jaanay kis jurm ki paayi hai saza yaad nahee!! (Life meanders on stooped under a perpetual tyranny What heinous crime begot such punishment? – Devoured by the misty mires of my memory) yeh jo raig-e-dasht-e-firaq hai yeh ruke agar yeh ruke agar to nishaaN mile, yeh nishaaN mile ki jo faasiloN kii saliib hai yeh gaRi hui hai kahaaN kahaaN mere aasmaaN se kidhar gayii tere iltefaat ki kehkashaaN mire be_Khabar, mire be_nishaaN yeh ruke agar to pata chale maiN thaa kis nagar tuu rahaa kahaaN ki zamaaN makaaN ki yeh

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By Huzaifa Pandit “Jo guzartay thay Daag par sadmay Faiz ab kaifiyat sabhi ki hai!” -Faiz Ahmed Faiz [I]t commenced a century ago as a poet composed his elegy on his regality that had since long been a mere formality. Torn between war and exile he wished for a wilderness to swallow the savage civilization. The pigeons did not cease their flight and at last: a blotched debased dawn! They hoisted their flags dyed in the colours of tyranny. They said that one stood for peace and prosperity and the other stood for a piety and religiosity. They rubbished the allegations