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Chulbul Pandeys in Gulmarg. Photographs by Parikshit Jhunjhunwala A tourist’s apathy and Kashmir’s reality run in close parallels. Any preliminary research for traveling to the troubled territory will tell you the land is safe for tourists. A summary of the eloquent reviews will be: ‘nothing that happens in Kashmir will bother you, you can have a good time’. The imagery this line evokes is of flashy baraatis on their ghodis dancing away in a roped in space alongside frustrating, hardly moving traffic. The whole tourism system is designed to leave you chanting hami asto hami asto, unless you listen closely

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The walls of a Jawaharlal Nehru University building filled with graffiti of student political groups. Photograph by Tanushree Bhasin.   It all began with a bunch of slogans. A ‘shout in the street’ ceases to be apolitical when faced with forceful condemnation. In the case of the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) in New Delhi, this forceful condemnation was executed by the state authorities and whetted through a vicious social media campaign. The University, was left to defend itself against the antagonized masses. A struggle to defend its physical space, its culture of discussion, its belief in the importance of a