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By Mahi Farxana Munshi I walked above the dusty roads. The untrodden ways in the morning. The blood was dripping down from the sore skies. I knew it was going to end the air in my lungs. The curve on my lips just broadened more. The echo of the eternal bliss was calling my name. Just one wish was deep down inside. To be next to my kins who would wail, long when I will be gone. My return to the mighty one was decided, but this tyrannical way I didn’t know. Tell them what they can bend is not

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It’s like asking me why I breathe.  It’s something inborn. Like the instincts. I write because it feeds my soul. It keeps it living. My pen speaks all my heart wants to pour out. I started writing poems when I was in class III. I always felt that my pen loses all the friction when it interacts with the paper. Later in my teens, I started reading poetry in Urdu, Kashmiri and English. I realized poetry is the mirror of all the emotions a human can feel. So, I tried to portray all my feelings through my poem. I started

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By Farzana Munshi Her hands are stretched out to the lap of cliffs She’s climbing to heaven by treading falls Her eyes are sapphire Hair woven in gold silk threads Her soul is the pearl harboured in heaven Body’s scent pure as a new born Alas!  Why is she drowned in thought? Why are you blue? The part I bore is turning my fate low, she says, Lowering her gaze, the breeze gusting My children are splicing away my love essence I wail but they rend my heart apart Disdaining every element that holds my breath Their eyes cold, their