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    Civil Society is one of the achievements of the modern world because it is here that individuals can realize the self in conditions of freedom. – Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel ‘We the people of India’ are the first words of the Constitution. The concept of civil society is an interesting one. Always been a part of liberal democratic theories, they conceive civil society as an independent sphere but one protected by the state. Individuals with rights are free to pursue their private interests in free association with others. This definition tends towards a more free market economy within

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The quest for natural resources has always been one of the main factors leading to war. Many refer to colonialism as perhaps the most interesting example, wherein the Imperial nations colonized regions that had a rich natural resource base. They entered these countries for the primary motive of trade, taking with them commodities and resources that were rare and precious. The mercantilists waged wars against native rulers, and gained control of territories. They saw in colonies vast expanses of rich and unconquered lands. Imperialism was thus established gradually, with France, Portugal and Britain controlling many colonies in South Asia and