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Jaleel Andrabi By Dr. Sheikh Showkat Hussain Conflict ridden areas often remain associated with large scale human right abuses. These assume horrifying proportions with highest degrees of militarization. States tend to conceal the human right situation through restrictions on media intimidations and targeting of human right activists. International groups working for human rights are not allowed to visit these areas.  The security apparatus is secured from judicial scrutiny through legislative protections. Shielded from prosecution for human rights abuses the military and police apparatus becomes more lethal in targeting the rebellious population and those who work for human rights. This becomes

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By Dr. Sheikh Showkat Hussain The ones who have been consistently shielding and patronizing perpetrators of oppression in Kashmir are floating the ideas about establishment of Truth and Reconciliation Commission as if Kashmir has been in arena of civil war and warring communities need to be reconciled to the existence of rivals and motivated to live along with them. The fact, however, is altogether different. Kashmir has been victim of a pattern of oppression which surpasses the graveness of situation that was experienced by Bosnians, South Africans, People of East Timor and Eritreans. The issue of recently highlighted mass graves