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 By C. Rohan In 1971, after the creation of Bangladesh, India emerged as the leading stakeholder in South Asian affairs. This stake hold further strengthened with India’s first nuclear test in 1974. India was at the peak of its hierarchy of power in South Asian politics. But this remained for a short time. In 1979, the intervention of USSR changed the geometry of the region. The cold war between USA and USSR came into the South Asian region. Due to this India’s power diminished in the region. USSR’s retreat from Afghanistan in 1989 and end of the cold war in

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By C. Rohan The visit of the Prime Minister to Myanmar, the first after 25 years is marked a new chapter in India’s foreign policy. This visit is important primarily for three reasons. Firstly, India’s changing status as an emerging power and its increasing involvement in international politics; secondly, its global commitment to democracy promotion along with the United States; thirdly, to counter China. India’s self claim and to some extent, its acknowledged status as an emerging power, its involvement in international politics is bound to increase. As U.S. President Barack Obama during his visit to India pointed out, “For