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Reflecting stickers, huge billboards of election banners, confidential meetings to get support of influential groups and media statements in favor of and against the political icons of Pakistan-administrated Kashmir is very common these days. The current government of the region is about to complete its five years and alliances for next elections are being made. The control of politics of Pakistani-administrated Kashmir solely depends upon power corridors of Islamabad, as political parties involved in mainstream or/and power politics of Pakistan-administrated Kashmir are outskirts of Pakistan political parties except All Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference. Notwithstanding the political vision and political

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After the division of the sub-continent and emergence of two new states –  India and Pakistan, the subsequent circumstances not only imprinted tales of woes in the hearts of people on either sides but gave birth to some new geopolitical issues in South Asia. The most prominent among all is Kashmir issue, which is yet to be resolved after so many dialogues, deliberations and no doubt a hell of sacrifices of indigenous Kashmiri men, women, and children. Extravagance of both Pakistan and India without demilitarization in Jammu Kashmir will never bring an ultimate solution of the said issue. Both the