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University of Kashmir By Arif Shafiq Badoo “Since ages, a trend compels every student of Kashmir to opt for All India Engineering Entrance Examinations (AIEEE) and Common Entrance Test (CET) after his or her completion of 10+2,” says Bashir Ahmed Zarger, Assistant Professor Mathematics, at University of Kashmir. Zarger also believes that “in Kashmir, students are never asked about their own interests and are compelled by their parents and guardians regarding their career choices. Believe it though! The trend is changing and students are now trying to live their own hopes.” The Kashmiri education sector has seen some drastic changes

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Syed Farakh Bukhari By Arif Shafiq Badoo The streets of Kreeri village smelled of spoiled blood, and silence filled the air with smoke. The Wednesday afternoon of July 2010 saw every house abandoned in this South-western village of Baramulla district of Jammu and Kashmir. Every ear was glued to the broken window edges and heard the marching raids. The roads were blocked by the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) men and every activity was in view. It was rarely a rare scene but got disturbed by the protesters of Palhallan- a nearby village. They wanted the people of Kreeri to