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The history of ideas usually credits the discourse that it analyses with coherence. If it happens to notice an irregularity in the use of words, several incompatible propositions, a set of meanings that do not adjust to one another, concepts that cannot be systematized together, then it regards it as its duty to find, at a deeper level, a principle of cohesion that organizes the discourse and restores to it its hidden unity. This law of coherence is a heuristic rule, a procedural obligation, almost a moral constraint of research: not to multiply contradictions uselessly; not to be taken in

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By Arif Ayaz Parrey       The television crackles and sputters as the joyless newsreader struggles to broadcast the daily quota of fibs — in Urdu. Bad signal keeps tossing his moustache to the four corners of the screen. He said it is high time Pakistan accepts that it is responsible for the perpetual power crisis in J&K. Had it agreed to the Kishanganga hydel – noise— height of other major dams to be increased, enough electricity could be produced to deal with the severe winter in the state. The Minister further – noise— stubbornness on part of Pakistani authorities should