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There is a due process to someone’s leaving. There is a farewell, An expectation of return, Or a recognition of the finality of going.   Even in a farce, you see, Or any kind of act, for that matter, Exits for characters are marked as clearly As their entry.   But when they are lifted out of scenes by aerialists, Transported through false ceilings And kept behind cage doors no one knows about,   The act, the actors and the audience are frozen In perpetuity.

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How desperate we are to laugh- To chime with a can of laughter- Exhaling nervous relief, Reassured that it wasn’t a can of worms.   A concert is over. See you at the next one.   In the meantime We shall continue to create and assimilate The sweetest music ever- Silence. * Ankita Anand is the co-founder of a street theatre group called Aatish. She has been secretary, National Campaign for People’s Right to Information, and member, People’s Union for Democratic Rights. Her published works can be read at