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TIME Magazine Best Fiction Novel of 2012: The Fault In Our Stars by John Green By Ali Zayaan The Fault In Our Stars, a young adult novel by John Green about the star-crossed romance of cancer patient Hazel and the boy she meets at support group, Augustus, was named TIME Magazine’s Best Fiction Novel of 2012 earlier this week. I have read the book and it is a genuinely brilliant novel, worthy of the critical acclaim it’s gotten- it received rave reviews upon publication and also ended up in several other top ten lists of fiction, including, notably, the Amazon

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Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. By Ali Zayaan [T]he great irony of the 2012 United States presidential elections is that the two candidates competing can both be best described as somewhat unwanted. This probably speaks volumes about the state of current American politics and the mood of the American populace- cynical, negative, despairing- as much as it sheds light on the respective weaknesses of the two candidates and their party platforms. Mitt Romney, the eventual presidential nominee from America’s major right-wing party, the Republicans, faced a tough series of primaries against other candidates for the nomination- Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann, businessman