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In just a few seconds of Nepal earthquake of magnitude 7.9 Richter Scale, whole country got devastated on the morning of last Saturday. The earthquake shifted Kathmandu three meters to South in only 30 seconds. So far, more than 6200 people have been declared dead and the Nepal authorities have said that the number of dead can cross 10,000. Several neighboring countries like India, China, Pakistan and many others have joined in relief and rescue operations. The earthquake shook the Mt. Everest too, where an avalanche killed at least 19 people, making it one of the major tragedies in the

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In Srinagar, Ahmer Khan travels through the procession to look at how children join their older family members

The Ashura processions in Kashmir were taken out amid strict restrictions on Tuesday. Thousands of people participated in these processions in the interiors of the cities and towns, as the government continues the ban on the religious procession. The Shia Muslims of Kashmir during these ten days of Muharram are forced to remain confined to the areas where their population is dense and are not allowed to take procession in the central areas. In Srinagar, Ahmer Khan travels through the procession to look at how children join their older family members. Ahmer Khan is a Kashmir based freelance photographer.

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The continuous rise in the flood water affected Srinagar city of Kashmir region last night, leaving several areas under water. People are trying to leave from houses, in the wake of no government help till last reports. Sitting on the terraces, using local boats, volunteers are helping to rescue people. Nearly 175 people have died so far and several thousand have been rescued in the Kashmir region. The main city centre, Lal Chowk, areas like Rajbagh, Dal Gate, Jawahar Nagar, Barzulla, and several downtown areas are under water. Our photographer, Ahmer Khan, went out today morning to see the devastation

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Continuous downpour and flash-floods has caused several causalities in Jammu-Kashmir regions since Wednesday. The regions are battling with the worst floods in nearly six decades during which  reportedly 91 people have died so far, devastation of properties, road damages, and cutting several areas from the towns and cities. The river Jehlum and many other streams and canals are filled with water, much above than the danger marks leaving administration with a major duty of controlling the damages and loss of life. People are being rescued from flood and landslide prone areas and taken to safe places. The meteorological department had issued

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It has been twenty-five years since the armed rebellion started in Kashmir when the youth from the region travelled across Line of Control and returned as trained armed rebels to fight the Indian forces. The disputed region Jammu and Kashmir is unsolved till date as the people have been demanding right to self-determination. Both India and Pakistan – the two nuclear power countries claim the region as their “integral part” and “jugular vein” respectively. During this intense period of fighting between the rebels and the forces that still continues, as per the human rights organisations’ records, around 100,000 people have