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A group of children with toy guns in South Kashmir. Photograph by Aakash Hassan Ten-year-old Zahan pulls out his “gun” from the folds of cloth kept next to his school bag. Cleaning it thoroughly, Shameema, his mother, puts her hand on his head. Zahan steps out of his house and walks through the dusky lanes of dense willows to meet his companions. Zahan, “commander” of his “rebel” group, is 10. As he reaches, he is warmly welcomed by his friends–the “guns” slugging over their shoulders and some held firm with their soft hands, pointed upwards. The famous willow of Kashmir

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Mirwaiz Qazi Ahmed Yasir leading a protest march in South Kashmir. Photograph by Sajad Muniwardi

Since July 8, when popular rebel commander of Hizbul Mujahideen, Burhan Wani, was shot dead, a never before civilian uprising has been going on in Kashmir. Mass public demonstrations, rallies and a series of shutdowns responded by curfew, ban on internet, gag on media and bullets, pellets and teargas shells fired by the government forces. More than 90 civilians have been killed by the government forces, more than 13000 injured among whom around 1000 have been hit by pellets in their eyes. It has been a worst force used against civilian uprising by any government in Kashmir. To crush the