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By Adil Langoo For all manners and purposes, the world in its entirety has evolved. From the time of inquisitions and heresies, from war and conquering, it has also suffered a lot. The modern world, particularly the west and democracies like India seem to have misunderstood the arguments that John Stuart Mill once gave in favor of freedom of expression. They seem to have forgotten how truth after great scrutiny does surface over time. How what we believe to be false always contains an element of truth to it. How horrible it is to sabotage freedom of expression. The world

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By Adil Langoo If God is deciphered, he holds power that too Omni, and If Olympus is thought of, each god retains Omni power in a definite space. Both, one in relative and other absolute, can reconstruct and deconstruct creation. However If poly is subordinated to mono then ‘God’ is all pervasive. This God inflicts and heals us. In addition, wherever there is suffering, metaphysics has embarked upon it; squaring up the position of God by hope of rejuvenations in times to come. ‘Becoming god’, having the aforementioned trait, is an unconscious aspiration of many mortals. They do want to

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An injured rushed inside a hospital in Srinagar, Kashmir during 2010 mass protests. By Aadil Langoo Today the All Party Delegation of Indian politicians arrived in Srinagar, Indian-held-Kashmir, with both hope and despair. Hope that somehow they will revive the peace, resolve the unresolved, and heal the festered wounds. Despair, as they carry the same cold nationalist look they have been carrying over the years. The day passed uniquely- a day which comes once in years and unhinges and unveils many things. However, like rest of the days I woke up lazily, with drowsiness even after my breakfast. I offered