Kashmir’s famous Brown Cow skips entrance test

Kashmir’s famous Brown Cow skips entrance test

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Kachir Gaaw with her admit card issued by the BOPEE authorities.

After successfully receiving an admit card from the Jammu and Kashmir Board of Professional Entrance Examinations (BOPEE), the famous Kachir Gaaw (Brown Cow) of Budgam district didn’t turn up to write the paper today.

The admit card was issued to write the paper for admission to a diploma course in a polytechnic college. Owner of the cow, Abdul Rashid Bhat had submitted her name as Kaachir Gaaw (Brown Cow) daughter of Gur Daand (Red Bull) with a photograph to expose the loopholes in the admission process of the BOPEE.

“I only wanted to convey a message to the authorities about the flaw in the system. I never wanted to make a mockery of the system,” Bhat told PTI.

People and several media persons were waiting at the examination centre for the cow to show up.