You don’t cry: a poem on Afzal Guru

You don’t cry: a poem on Afzal Guru

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By Manu Kant

You don’t cry

when the bourgeois state

puts your loved ones to death.


I didn’t become emotional.

I am sure neither the teenage son of Afzal cried.

I am sure Tabassum didn’t cry.


You either erupt in a spontaneous revolt

and wage an unremitting battle until the victory

or you just become stock-still

turn your thoughts into a grand memorial

to the departed one.


I didn’t cry.

Perhaps, I had no reason to cry.

Afzal Guru was a Kashmiri

and I am from India.

Afzal Guru was a Muslim by faith

and I was

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- by - Published on

- by - Published on