Graffitti: The Art Of Resistance

Graffitti: The Art Of Resistance

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Photos by Muhabit-ul-Haq

Though everyone bowed

Down before you

Saying virtue and wisdom

Lit your way

Striking gold medals

In your honour

Glad to have survived another day

Do not feel safe.

The poet remembers.

You can kill one, but

Another is born.

The words are written

Down, the deed, the date.

Czeslaw Milosz

Indeed the words are written down, profound, poignant, popular, angry words. The unjust, brutal, inhuman deeds deeply engraved in the memory. The streets of the valley are witness to the resistance; the longing for Azaadi is creatively articulated on the walls, streets, roads and even on

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- by - Published on

- by - Published on